• Its cheaper than doing it from your cellphone! And much cheaper than other bulk sms solutions.
  • The message can come from your zimbabwe cell number so people can reply easily. alternatively it can come from a word eg "My Company" if you do not want people to know your number.
  • Delivery is rapid and easy to monitor.
  • Works to any country in the world! never be stuck not being able to contact people overseas quickly.
  • Credit never expires and top up is fast and easy.
  • Multiple users per account means you share one address book, ideal for companies! The site also logs who sent the messages making sure the system isn't being abused.
  • Bulk sending is handled in easy to use groups, taking all the hassle out of sending information to a lot of people at once.
  • You can use the site to make you money, why not charge your customers to be on your sms list? Ideal for church fund raising (send a daily bible message), sports clubs (send scores and game times) the possible avenues for you to explore are endless.


  • You pay what you get, $10 recharge card sells for $10.
  • Buy airtime now and keep it on hold, only mark it as used as you use it. Making sure you are never caught without.
  • Attach comments to airtime, ideal for companies who pass it onto their employees.


  • On line recipients means all your employees can share the same address book.
  • Groups make sending bulk emails simple and efficient.
  • Upload your own company templates, make your emails look professional but just as easy to send. Much easier than doing it from your mail client and the email is sent with embedded images automatically. meaning it looks like it should at the other end!

TopUp Point

  • Earn money if you register as a topup location. Ideal for companies with 24/7 internet access eg an Internet Cafe or restaurants with WIFI access.
We are open to suggestions on how we can change the site to better suit you and your company!