TXT Products Terms and Conditions

using (also known as is subject to the following terms of service. by registering on the site you agree to all of the following. is in no way responsible for any message or email content, it is illegal to send messages containing any sexual, racist or discriminatory content and any such messages may be considered as harassment.

you may not use this site to degrade or conflict with another persons fundamental human rights (e.g. right to privacy, prohibition of discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin.)

while best practice password storage has been implemented the privacy of your login details is your responsibility. any activity done under your account login is your responsibility and you are liable for the accounts actions.

you may not attempt to send messages from a cellular number or email address you do not own. and may not use this service to send emails or messages to anyone who has not agreed to receive them. if they in future request you cease sending to them you are obliged to do so.

you may not attempt to login or access information from another account without the express permission of the account holder.

you may not impersonate any individual or act as an agent of you may not make any claims to be associated with beyond using the site as a client.

you may not infer in anyway that a message has come from another person besides the account holder. uses multiple telecommunications gateways around the world and as such cannot be held responsible for undelivered messages and cannot guarantee any quality of service. all sending attempts are billed and no refund will be given for incorrect numbers or undelivered messages, be it the fault of the user, or a 3rd party. all messages are logged on the system, deleting a message hides it from the user but does not remove it from the database, this is for dispute settlement and auditing purposes.

you use the service entirely at your own risk.

we are not responsible for the sites accessibility and cannot be held liable in anyway if the site is unavailable from any location for any period of time. we reserve the right to change, rename or remove the site with no prior notice.

all prices are subject to change with no prior notice.